William F. Korth – Managing Director

Bill is a seasoned executive who has spent most of his 30+ years in aviation centered in the commercial aircraft sector and the associated maintenance needed for these aircraft. Primary in this was the was the oversight and transformation of AAXICO from a regional surplus spare parts supplier into an internationally renowned distributor. As CEO he led the diversification into both the manufacturing and repair sectors which offered customers a further enhancement in dealing with many of their critical maintenance components. With customer support and distribution centers anchored around the globe, robust relationships and contracts were developed and maintained through to when he agreed to merge the company with KAPCO.

Today, utilizing these experiences, Bill has established LongReach Aviation as a platform to continue a focus on aircraft and engine trading as well as adding LongReach Capital as a financing and real estate arm and LongReach Foundation as a non-profit foundation to cooperate with worthy humanitarian efforts.

Melanie F. Wood – Business Manager

Originally from England, Melanie worked in Public Relations in London for a number of years including the privilege of working for one of Britain’s top fashion designers – Mary Quant – before moving to Florida in 1985. She then worked in three diverse industries – powerboat racing, computers and publishing before finding a permanent home in the aviation industry when she joined AAXICO in 1991. Melanie worked alongside Bill Korth in her multiple roles of administration, marketing, global trade show management and travel for almost 25 years where she worked closely with AAXICO’s international operations.

In 2015 she joined LongReach where she manages and oversees its multiple business ventures of real estate, aviation and philanthropy. Melanie is a licensed Mortgage Loan Originator.