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LongReach Aviation LLC capitalizes on the relationships our team established during their many years working at AAXICO Sales, Inc. where we owned and managed a parts distribution / manufacturing network to support the world’s commercial airlines.

Using this past experience, we now assist our clients in the sourcing and disposition of their commercial aircraft needs with a focus on aircraft and engine trading.

LongReach Aviation partners with Tag Aero and GA Telesis for the procurement, lease, exchange and sale of Auxiliary Power Units (APU's) and works with a global network of contacts to procure jet aircraft for sale or lease. 


LongReach Aviation is proud to be a member of ISTAT

Please visit for further information.

Skyscrapers Downtown

As a private lender, LongReach Capital LLC offers financial services focusing on investments for both angel and bridge loans. We also operate management services to assist with the oversight of these projects.

LongReach Capital also owns a number of warehouse buildings in the Miami area with a diverse group of tenants.  If you are looking for warehouse space, please contact us to see if we have any units available. 


We are open to partnering with all manner of real estate opportunities and are particularly keen to support projects which embrace environmental awareness techniques and clean, renewable energy sources.

So if you have a project that you think would be of interest – please let us know.


Our personal approach and strong marketing influence enables us to offer our expertise to both companies and individuals in a unique manner. Our focus is to bring both creative and value added services to our customers as well as having a channel to give back to communities where outside help is needed.

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Helping Hands

The LongReach Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization currently supporting a variety of philanthropic needs.  We are particularly keen to support projects related to clean water, homelessness and solar energy.


 To quote Sir Winston Churchill: “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give."

 make a life by what we give.”

​Effective altruism is about asking “How can I make the biggest difference I can?” and using evidence and careful reasoning to try to find an answer.” ― William MacAskill, Doing Good Better: How Effective Altruism Can Help You Make a Difference.

​We are open to partnering  with a variety of worthy causes and ask that you contact us with your requests.

​Please visit for further information. 

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